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Keep Your Trees Healthy and Neat

Are your trees an eyesore on your property? If you've got unruly or unsightly trees, get help from a tree trimming company. Tree Works offers professional tree trimming service for clients in Evergreen & Conifer, CO. No matter the current condition of your trees, you can rest assured we'll make them look nice and neat.

Tree trimming service promotes healthy and symmetrical growth. Your trees will look great and stay healthy with regular trimming.




  • Crown reduction- This involves selective removal of branches to boost air movement and sunlight prenetration through the crown. 
  • Elevating canopy- Removal of lower tree branches to provide clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings and views. 
  • Deadwood removal- Removal of dead, diseased, and weakly attached tree branches for healthy and aesthetical purposes.






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Who needs tree trimming service?

There are a lot of reasons our clients in Evergreen, CO hire our tree trimming company. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Improving the look of one's property
  • Reducing the risk of serious fires
  • Enhancing the view around one's property



No matter why you need tree trimming service, you can trust us to do the job right. We'll clear your trees of dead or dying branches in no time.



Tree trimming becomes easier the more you do it. There are different types of trimming to keep in mind when deciding on how to care for a tree that you want to keep:


  1. One type of trimming slightly alters the canopy structure by removing specific branches. Branches may be removed for many reasons, such as growing too close to the roof, hanging over the deck, or obstructing a view.
  2. Another type of trimming consists of pruning unnecessary or diseased growth and deadwood. Unnecessary growth includes small branches forming from the bark or a trim site. This unwanted growth also includes branches which are near the center of the tree or are incongruous to the desired direction of canopy growth. Deadwood may become hazardous when it falls, and it can also affect the health of the tree adversely, as it harbors unhealthy bacteria or fungi.
  3. The last type of trimming carefully reduces the size of the canopy by systematically removing parts of the outer-most branches. This procedure is a rare method to deal with a tree that has become undesirably large and should be considered carefully for healthy trees. Topping a tree should never be considered an option, with the exception of a few species of smaller trees. Topping a tree by cutting off the ends of all its branches makes it become less likely to survive and less structurally safe if it does survive.


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