Arrange for fire mitigation services in Evergreen, Conifer, CO and the surrounding areas

Reduce the Risk of Fire at Your Property

Prepare your property for the worst by hiring a fire mitigation company. Tree Works offers fire mitigation services for homeowners in Evergreen & Conifer, CO. We'll remove fuel sources around your home so fires won't be able to spread as quickly.

Evergreen, CO is a high-risk area for wildfires. Protect your family by getting fire mitigation services before it's too late. Call 720-272-5320 now to get help from our fire mitigation company.

What to expect from fire mitigation services

What to expect from fire mitigation services

During your fire mitigation services, you can expect us to identify risks to your property and remove them properly. Some of the things we will look for include:


  • Branches that hang over your home
  • Areas of overcrowded trees near your home
  • Dead branches or vegetation on the ground



All of these things put your property at risk. We'll remove them and ensure there are no other hazardous materials near your home. You'll have peace of mind knowing your property is safer than before.